iPhone 3-GS Supreme- Most Expensive Mobile

The new iPhone 3-GS Supreme, cost ($3,164,000) is claim to be the world most precious and the most expensive cellular phone from the Apple iPhone. The complete cell phone is made up of 9.7 ounces (271 grams) of 22k gold.

2030 Futuristic Bionic Automobile

The elegance Bionic future concept automobile is simply a token of functional values and advanced natural art through its radical streamlined design. The automobile has been designed to make some difference in its shape as per necessity in different conditions by enforcing EAP-electro-active polymer layers, which is an optimized and advance automobile material. Moreover, it features advance in-wheel motor technology that allows the auto to make zero-emissions and a polycarbon roof with attached solar photovoltaic cells that gives an continuous outside view aside from producing energy through sunlight. This ultra-compact car can house two persons and has been designed for the year 2030 considering as an excellent solution for the massive future crowd and positive environmental aspects.

Shake n Wake Silent Alarm Clock

The Shake n Wake Silent Alarm Clock is small in size, easy to wearable, which u can wear on your wrist or like you can put it near to your pillows, when the alarm rings, the wrist watch suddenly shakes and vibrates which is enough to make you wake up !!

Future Concept Phone

The Window cellular Phone is a future concept cell phone that is able to change its visibility like a window as per the weather. The phone is designed as a clear ,thin, and transparent plastic sheet, which remains clean during a sunny day, becomes humid during a rainy day and takes a dump outlook during a snowy day. The user can write text messages or draw pictures on the cellular phone in different weather conditions which will later change and show as SMS characters. The screen features sensitive interaction with the user and consisits the state of a window in different weather situations !

Zero Edge Aquarium

New concept of aquarium

Aluminium Cottage

Aluminium Cottage situated at Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi in Japan

The Hotelicopter

Super-minimal Bike

New style Super-minimal City Bike

Playstation 4 Concept

Playstation 4 Concept

Bell Mug

Gushing mug with some drink is often quite not easier for the blind ones. Commonly, blind people gets an estimation of how much they have poured by the sound of water flow, but this is definitely not a perfect idea. The Bell Mug assists blind people to pour themselves a drink safely without dropping. The mug's handle includes three different levels to select as per the user’s necessities. After level selection, the user will startpouring the mug. The gadget contains a built-in sensor for determining the current water level and will make an indication sound from the speaker when the water reaches the desired level.