Saucer Self-Driven Vehicle

You can sleep while you Drive !!

BMW Lovos

Lovos means a manner of living of Voluntary uncompounded. Therefore, the concept BMW Lovos project is not like the common procedure of crafting, designing, automobile acquisition and management, the project is a purpose symbol of perceiving self-restraint. Its body looks like the fish scale

Stow Away Stroller -New Concept

Moving your child in this amazing stroller also use as a carry-on luggage. Its just a superb gadget

HP Google Maps

Opera Holiday Mobile Home

An architect Axel Enthoven has created a holiday mobile home, called Opera. The canvas holiday homes stretches from a trailer and includes two beds, hot and cold water, a toilet, LED lighting and a mobile hub.
"The Opera allows you to stay in the most beautiful places, but with a luxurious wine cabinet, warm-air heating, an enclosed teak veranda and espresso bar. This latest living tent offers the quality of a luxurious yacht attached with the outdoor feeling of camping under canvas

Nyko Zoom Case for DSi

Nyko has declared hard shell case for the Nintendo DSi with a detachable optical zoom lens, which permits users to transfer pictures directly to Social Network Sites. Nyko’s Zoom Case(Cost $25) is a safest case with an 8x zoom lens for the DSi, will enable all gamers to share clear shots taken from far distances

InPulse Blackberry Smartwatch

The all new inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry (Cost $150 Pre-order). It connects with your BlackBerry via Bluetooth to display text messeges, e-mails etc. It has 1.3-inch OLED color display, complete metal body, glass lens, USB port and re-charging battery !!

LED Eyelashes

This amazing LED gadget makes your eyelashes so cool

Modular Notebook (ARM Technology)

This slightly Modular Notebook is a future concept notebook which based on the ARM Technology. It is smaller in size, portable and awesome by it looks!!

E-Ball PC Concept

The E-Ball is a spherical shaped future pc concept which is the tiny design among all the notebooks and desktops have ever made. This PC future concept features all the traditional elements like large screen display, mouse, keyboard, DVD recorder, etc, E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side. After opening the stand and turning ON the PC, pressing the detaching mouse button will allow you to detach the optical mouse from the PC body. This concept features a laser keyboard that can be activated by pressing the particular button.

Vestige, the Future Car


The Scubacraft "a perfect for 007 agent." It is necessary a speedboat with a specialty that makes it just as comfortable on the water as it is under. The Scubacraft can zip along above the water at speed of up to 50 miles per hour and can dive to a depth about 100 feet,
Prices starts at £100,000(about $164,000) depend on features

Tree Bookshelf

New concept of Bookshelf name "Tree Bookshelf", really awesome !!

Nissan Glider Concept

Nissan has given a new future concept of Land Glider Concept at the upcoming 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The Land Glider is two-seat electrical automobile, featuring range of 160km (100 miles) in full charge. It can lean into turns like a motorcycle, and sci-fi looking cabin, all full of monitors displays and a steering wheel which looks like twin joysticks. So Cool, I love its sci-fi looking cockpit and steering wheel design.

Nissan Eporo Robot Cars

The all new concept of Nissan Eporo robot cars, will travel in a group of vehicles

Phone Fingers

This amazing gadget is designed to resist and prevent your iphone from fingerprints and other marks

Street Light Floor Lamp

Use a reassigned street light to as your interior illuminating light, obviously looks amazing and Cool gadget. This lamp called Marc Newson 'Super Guppy' Floor Lamp

Comb Flash Drive

This cool gadget name Comb Flash Drive keeps your data safe and also make your hairs nice in front of your pc !!