Teeth Mug

It really looks strange but cool which always remind you to clean your teeth :)

Terminator T-Shirt

Elecom Soap Mouse

This new cool gadget name "Elecom Soap Mouse" is a stylish soap shape waterproof mouse which also support usb. It is smaller in size and definitely looks one of the coolest gadgets.

Wifi Dowsing Rod

Todays gadget technology advances at such a speed that often consumers are left in awe of it all. The high tech terminology, the ultra small, ultra portable, metallic or white divides we carry around with us are, to the vast amount of consumers, simply baffling. The Wifi Dowsing Rod aims to work against this. By basing the design for a wireless internet detector on century's old tech, the user feels immediately at home with the product, whilst feeling less intimidated by the simple shape and natural materials. "