BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Open up a world of possibilities! With the BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip 8200 series smartphone tucked in your pocket, you’re always just a flip away from the people, fun and facts that matter.

Pop it open to see how fun and functionality can work together in a whole new way!

Specifications: OS provided: BlackBerry Handheld Software ; Wireless connectivity: IEEE 802.11b , Bluetooth 2.0 , IEEE 802.11g ; Talk time: 240 min

Web Browser Improvements

The browser on the Pearl Flip cannot compete with the functionality and features of the iPhone browser, but it provides an improved surfing experience in comparison to previous BlackBerry's.

Two major improvements are better support for JavaScript and better page rendering. Navigating a website is easier on the Pearl Flip than on previous BlackBerry's and other smartphones I've used. Pages load in a zoomed-out view, and the trackball doubles as a cursor and magnifying glass. Once you have zoomed in, you can navigate the page using the trackball as a full-fledged pointing cursor.

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