Glass Cell Phone

This isn't the first cellphone concept to incorporate glass, but I'll be dammed if it isn't one of the prettiest. There aren't any details on functionality, but it is clear that designer concept takes minimalist design about as far as it can go without ditching the physical phone altogether and implanting communication devices directly into our brain.

Faceless LED Wrist Watch

Its an amazing LED faceless Wrist Watch which shows the time in LED digits and this watch is without any dial. It was designed by a Japanese Watch Designer.

Part of apertures of metal band became digital display screen. Metal band and digital figures mingle together in proportion naturally. Without the face of “timepiece”, it displays figures only when needed but also quite vague existence, “time”.

Dual Laser Guided Parking System

Laser Car Parking System helps you to protect your car. Park your car in the exact right spot every time. It costs ($25-$30) for your garage to protect your automobile.
Its built-in motion sensor detects when a vehicle approaches, triggering the Laser Guide Parking System to emit a bright laser beam from a mounting location on the ceiling let you know whether you've pulled in the side ways.

Nail Flash Disk

The Nail USB Flash Disk (EUR30; Approx 45$). Its really looks like a 9 Inch nail. It has the storage capacity of 1GB storage.

Dumbbell Sports Drink

The Dumbbell Sports Drink is basically an exercise equipment by which you can exercise from it as well as you can drink from this. The bottles can be filled with the water or electrolyte infused sports drink.
Each bottle can weight approx 0.5 kg, after you can drink enjoy your exercise.

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